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benjamin_banneker_district  The Troop meets most Monday nights at 7:30 p.m. at

  Metropolitan Memorial United Methodist Church,

  3401 Nebraska Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20016 

Thank you for visiting the website of BSA Troop 666.

Welcome to Boy Scout Troop 666! Whether you are new, transferring from another Troop, or old hands, this website is designed to help you get acquainted with our program and facilities. It also has something to say about a Scout’s responsibilities and opportunities, and we hope it has the information you need to get the most out of Scouting.

When a boy joins Scouting, in a sense the whole family also joins. Scouting is a volunteer organization. Without volunteers to help challenge your sons there would be no Scouting program or Troop 666. Parents and interested community members comprise the majority of the Troop’s volunteers as either Committee Members or Scoutmasters.

Troop 666 will need your cooperation and volunteered time if it is to succeed. The Troop has some positions that may require a few hours a week of your time; we also have numerous small “one-time” jobs that could be shared among several families. Experience has taught us that the quality of the Troop and of your son’s experience is greatly affected by the contributions of time and effort each scout’s family makes. In addition, the scouts themselves like having their parents involved with their activities. A Boy Scout Troop is not an extension of its Scoutmaster – it is a part of your son’s physical and character development.

Troop 666 is open to all boys regardless of economic or social status, race or creed; we take great pride in the diverse backgrounds of our Scouts. Unfortunately though, no boy will be able to benefit from our program without his family’s commitment to “help the Troop go.” Please let us know of your areas of interest. Many parents are surprised to find that helping their son in Scouting can be both rewarding and fun!

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News Flash

Parents’ NewsFlash, Thursday, April 28, 2016
666 CALENDAR                                                                                  
Sat, Apr 30               Event at National Capital Scout Shop, 10AM3PM  NEW!    
Mon, May 2              Troop and Troop Committee Meetings, 7:30PM
Mon, May 9              Troop Meeting, 7:30PM
Thu, May 12            Whole Foods Georgetown – how to fillet a fish, etc.
Sa-Su, May 14-15     Monthly Campout
Mon, May 16             TLC Meeting, 7:30PM                                            
Mon, May 23             Troop Meeting, 7:30PM
Mon, May 30             NO Troop Meeting (Memorial Day)
Mon, Jun 6                 Troop and Troop Committee Meetings, 7:30PM
Sa-Su, June 11-12      Family Campout and Court of Honor
Su-Sa, Jun 19-25        666 Summer Camp, Rodney Scout Reserv., North East, MD
        The National Capital Scout Shop is sponsoring demonstrations of knot tying, outdoor cooking (dutch ovens) and backpacking Saturday, April 30.  All camping gear will be on sale for 25% off.  The theme is GET READY FOR CAMP and will feature help with fitting a backpack, packing for camp and hiking preparation. For more information visit our Council’s website or call 301-564-1091.
Committee Member and Troop Merit Badge Counselor for all three Eagle-required Citizenship Merit Badges, Mr. Chris Ashe, will be at the Church at 7:00PM next Monday, May 2 just before this week’s Troop Meeting to start the process of working on the Badges with the Scouts.  Mr. Ashe would prefer to have Scouts start with Citizenship in the Community, then Nation, and then World, so the Scouts can see how their role in the world starts locally – and expands globally.  Scouts will need to obtain Merit Badge cards from Mr. Bastian, and should obtain the requirements for the badges they are interested in, as well as the Merit Badge Pamphlets.  Scouts may be able to borrow pamphlets from the Troop Library or from their local library, or purchase them from the National Capital Scout Shop.  PLEASE NOTE:  The substantive material in Merit Badge Pamphlets generally changes little through successive editions.  However, Merit Badge requirements change from time to time.  Therefore if you borrow a Pamphlet that may not be the most recent edition you should check the current Merit Badge requirements posted on the internet at  Worksheets including maps, charts, links and checklists can be a big help organizing a Scout’s papers devoted to a particular Merit Badge.  See  See also   
        At the Troop Leadership Council (TLC) Meeting on Monday, April 25, the Scouts decided  to have the next campout at the Flythe Farm in Spotsylvania County, Virginia.  The property has a lake which supports fish.  The TLC also decided to feature Fishing Merit Badge as a major activity of the campout during which there will opportunities to cover portions of Fishing Merit Badge.  Assistant Scoutmaster and Committee Member Mr. Mitch Wander is a Counselor for Fishing Merit Badge.  He will not be able to attend the camping trip of May 14-15, but he will teach a course in the Fishing Merit Badge featuring the following topics at the Troop Meeting on Monday, May 9, per the following from Mr. Wander:   
At the May 9th Scout meeting, the each Patrol will receive three different blocks of instruction in advance of the May fishing/camping overnight, with ASM (and Fishing Merit Badge Counselor) Mitch Wander organizing the instruction. The Scouts will gain a good familiarization with how to fish based on the requirements of the Fishing Merit Badge. Separate from the meeting or overnight, Scouts can contact Mr. Bastian if they want to obtain a Blue Card and then work with me on the Fishing Merit badge.
        If your Scout does not have a fishing rod yet, this might be a good time to purchase one. While you do get what you pay for, I have been very happy with the “very inexpensive” Zebco 404 for my kids. If your Scout becomes an avid fisherman, he will probably want something better at some point. For now, you can’t fish, if you don’t have a rod.
I still like to have a Zebco rod around because it’s not a big deal if a newer fisherman drops it in a pond (that happens) or otherwise breaks it. If you purchase a commonly owned rod like this one, mark it clearly with your Scout’s name – and some very visible tape or other marking to easily find it. A small starter kit will provide some sinkers, bobbers and hooks. This plus some uncooked hot dogs or uncooked bacon will catch a bunch of catfish at the lake. And there are usually some bass lures in the kits too.
If your Scout doesn’t have a knife, there is no need to purchase one for fishing. Many fishermen carry a toenail clipper on a loop of string to cut their fishing line. (Some fishermen do buy a filet knife if they plan to eat their fish – but even then it’s not used to cut fishing line.)
You can buy these online at Walmart for free pickup at any store (Amazon has the same models.)
Zebco 202 ($10):
Zebco 404 with some fishing tackle included ($15):
Choose Your Own Combo – My suggestion:
Zebco 404 with South Bend Worm Gear Tackle Box ($23)
If your Scout wants a net, this folding net is an amazing value:
I am working on a class for 1-2 Scouts for Patrol on how to safely and effectively fillet a fish. More details to follow within the next several days. Scouts who want to learn how to fillet a fish should tell their Patrol Leader that they are interested.
A couple good videos for Scouts who are interested:
How to Safely Pick Up a Catfish
How to Tie a Palomar Knot



Whole Foods (Georgetown) who is willing to have
their expert fishmonger teach a class to our Scouts on how to fillet a
fish, fish handling/safety, knife selection, fish sustainability and
other topics that we might bring up (such as fish preparation).
The event would take about 30 minutes, depending on
questions, and will be on Thursday May 12 at 7 pm.

We will need all three parts -A, B, C- of the health form completed for summer camp. Even if they completed it last year, we will need  undated information for Rodney.